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OrangeArrow.png For eighteen years Charles R. Miller owned and operated a successful commercial electrical contracting company (Lighthouse Electric Co., Inc.) in Nashville, Tennessee. Throughout those years, he prided himself on solving problems abandoned by less skilled, or less dedicated, technicians.

OrangeArrow.png In 1988 he began, and continues to operate, a second company dedicated to electrical related training, known as Lighthouse Educational Services.

OrangeArrow.png Mr. Miller teaches custom tailored classes and seminars covering various aspects of the electrical industry. Hundreds of students have taken advantage of his extensive experience in electrical contracting, regulatory exams (current electrical codes); electrical-related business and law. Class and seminar attendees have spanned the globe, bringing to each session immensely diverse backgrounds. Such diversity requires and receives a unique teaching approach to guarantee that all students within a class are afforded an equal opportunity to learn. Individuals employed by companies such as Ford, Textron, The Aerostructures Corporation, Aladdin Industries; by academic institutions such as Tennessee State and Vanderbilt Universities; and governmental agencies including NASA and even Nashville's own Electrical Inspection and Codes Department, have attended and praised the curriculum offered by Lighthouse Educational Services.

OrangeArrow.png In 1988, he completed work on a new textbook titled A Guiding Light to the National Electrical Code®. He wrote and illustrated this text to aid students in earning their Journeyman and Master electrical license. Over forty (40) electrical Master exams and seven (7) Inspector exams have been passed, most with the highest score for that area, providing students with valuable information concerning future exam format and questions.

OrangeArrow.png In 1999, Charlie wrote and illustrated a nationally published text book on the NEC® titled Illustrated Guide to the National Electrical Code®. He has dedicated over 5,000 hours to making it a reality. His unsurpassed attention to detail is evident on every page. Since this book's conception, everyday's waking hours have been consumed with careful planning and execution of content and design. His unwavering commitment to quality, from the first page in Unit 1, to the last page in Unit 19, has produced a technically-superior, quintessential user-friendly guide.

OrangeArrow.png Starting in February of 2000, Charles started writing and illustrating a monthly article in Electrical Contractor Magazine titled The Code In Focus. Because of his writing style and attention to detail, it is easy to understand the Code in this monthly column.

OrangeArrow.png In 2001, Charles R. Miller was contracted by NFPA to write two pocket guides to the NEC®. Both books are titled Pocket Guide to Electrical Installations Under NEC 2002. While Volume I covers Residential installations, Volume II covers Commercial and Industrial.

OrangeArrow.png In 2004, Mr. Miller wrote another book for the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) titled NFPA's Electrical References. This handy, portable reference guide provides all the common data needed on the job, and some not-so-common information that is extremely valuable when needed.

OrangeArrow.png For more than three and a half years, Charles was a co-host for a home-improvement, call-in radio show in Nashville, TN.

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