NFPA’s Electrical Reference
NFPA’s Electrical Reference Here's the first compact, flip-open electrical reference published by the NEC® source! Up-to-date with the 2005 NEC, NFPA's Electrical References is filled with essential data—yet sized to fit in toolboxes, and glove compartments! It includes the code rules, math formulas, conversions, and measures that electrical contractors, installers, designers, and inspectors check on a daily basis.

Formulas for finding values such as volts and watts, horsepower, and busbar capacity are provided along with examples, and load calculations are easy to make with NEC tables for different occupancies. You'll quickly access facts on scores of relevant topics, including boxes, enclosures, raceways, conductors, voltage drop, receptacles, switches and lighting, motors, and transformers. Gain quick access to 2005 NEC tables, Ohm's Law, how to find amperes and more!

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NFPA’s Electrical Reference $36.95
May 4, 2016
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